Grass Kart Racing is quickly becoming one of the most popular motorsports in New Zealand, and it's easy to see why. It's fast, affordable, and a blast for the whole family. Whether you're a little kid starting at just 5 years old or an adult looking for some high-octane fun in a 450cc big bore kart, there's a spot for you in this exciting sport.

If you're curious about getting involved, look no further than the Christchurch Grass Kart Club, the biggest club in New Zealand. We offer a range of classes for all ages and skill levels, so everyone can join in the fun. From the thrill of the race to the camaraderie of the club, grass kart racing is an experience you won't want to miss.
Come check it out and see why so many people are hooked!

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Check out our different membership options. These memberships are valid for 12 months and will be up for renewal in October of each year. Please submit your membership application below OR download a form.




Any member over 18 and not part of a family membership. 

Join the Christchurch Club today and experience some of the best racing NZ has to offer!

  • For individual members (+18 years old)
  • Req to enter the Club Champs
  • Submit online or at racing




2 adults and any children under 18, or full-time students living at home

Grab yourself a family membership and you can have a full days racing for the whole family.

  • Req to enter the Club Champs
  • Kids age 5-18
  • Includes up to 2 adults & 2 kids



  • 883 Max Gosling
  • 2nd = 930 Miller Wilson
  • 3rd = 966 Nixon Foster


  • 274 Malakai Webb
  • 2nd = 285 Tobey Elvy
  • 3rd = 503 Fletcher Lowe


  • 285 Tobey Elvy
  • 2nd = 274 Malakai Webb
  • 3rd = 505 Carter Bastings


  • 279 Jack Nairn
  • 2nd = 266 Jayden Webb
  • 3rd = 543 Jaslyn Young


  • 266 Jayden Webb
  • 2nd = 934 Jaxon Lintott
  • 3rd = 208 Riley Gurney

LADIES 0-205cc

  • 259 Charlotte Van Der Meys
  • 2nd = 583 Montana Jamieson
  • 3rd = 987 Georgia Black

0-205cc 4 Stroke

  • 244 Josh Silcock
  • 2nd = 545 Joey Young
  • 3rd = 529 Rory Fox

205-255cc 2 Stroke

  • 111 Quinton McKay
  • 2nd = 922 Todd Kennett
  • 3rd = 966 Kurtis Foster

205-255cc 4 Stroke

  • 201 Leigh Watson
  • 2nd = 464 Jason Young
  • 3rd = 933 Cooper Frazer


  • 266 Aaron Webb
  • 2nd = 564 Tony Robb
  • 3rd = 517 Ian Sinclair


  • 999 Gavin Stewart
  • 2nd = 549 Mark Richardson
  • 3rd = 945 Olivia Stewart

SENIOR OPEN 255-510cc

  • 4 Clay Pohio
  • 2nd = 262 Luke Fifield
  • 3rd = 265 Leigh Watson



What are the different race classes?
Great question! We have a range of classes for different ages, budgets and skill levels. These include:

• 0-205cc 4 Stroke Air Cooled Non Power Ported Engines
• Ladies 0-205cc
• Ladies 206-510cc (610cc air cooled)
• Lifan
• Juniors (14-16 years inclusive as at the 1st of March preceding the Champs)
• 0-205cc maximum (Air cooled engines only) or a 0-85cc maximum water cooled and power ported engine.
• Intermediates (9-13 years inclusive, as at the 1st of March preceding the Champs)
0-205cc maximum (Air cooled engines only) or a 0 to 85cc maximum water cooled and power ported engine
• Midgets (5-8 years inclusive, as at the 1st of March preceding the Champs) 0-125cc maximum (air cooled engines only). Stationary engines of the correct capacity with a centrifugal clutch. No 2 stroke engines above 75cc are allowed for Midgets.
• 0-130cc 2 Stoke Water Cooled or Power Ported Engines
• 206-255 cc 2 Stroke
• 206-255 cc 4 Stroke
• 256-510 cc Open Class
Where do the Christchurch Grass Kart Club host meetings?
Our home track is located on Weedons Ross Road, West Melton—opposite the West Melton Air Field and next to Moore Park Speedway.

During certain months, we schedule 'relief periods' for maintenance on our home grounds, during which we race at alternative locations. These updates will be posted on our website and social channels.
How often does the club host race meets?
The Christchurch Grass Kart Club holds meetings on the first Sunday of each month (except January). Occasionally we will move the months race date to suit track conditions and or availability. We race all year round, taking a break in January to enjoy the New Year holiday! Occasionally, we host Speedway meets, so be sure to check our upcoming events.
Where can I buy a grass kart & how much does it cost?
There's no specific store to purchase a kart from, but you can find plenty of options on Trade Me or through the Grass Kart Buy Sell page on Facebook. Click here to find out more:
How much does it cost to race?
This one is a bit more complex to answer as it depends on your preferred setup. Do you want a late model big bore motor (like a 2022 CRF450R), or would you like a crate style motor such as a Lifan or Shineray? This choice will significantly impact your budget.

Typically, a senior kart ranges from $3,500 to $10,000, while a midget/junior kart can be found for $2,000 to $5,000.

Often, someone within the club (or one of the other South Island clubs) has a kart for sale, so reach out and see what's available! It’s usually easier to purchase a well-setup kart rather than starting from scratch.
Is it free for spectators to watch the racing?
Absolutely! Bring the kids along and enjoy a day filled with exciting racing!


Weedons Ross Rd
West Melton, Canterbury

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