New members

The Christchurch Grass Karts Club hold race meetings on the first Sunday of every month at Ohoka which is 10 to 15 minutes north of Christchurch. Take the Northern Motorway until you get to the Tram Road turn off, travel  down Tram Road for 6km until you get to Edmonds Road. The way is signposted from the Tram Road/Edmonds Road corner.

Race Day Itenerary:

The Race Day Itenerary can vary so check the home page for start times and call the Club Phone [021 101 6534] for Cancellations on Race Day. Typically a Race Day Itenerary will look like this.

08:30am  Sign up

9:00am Scrutineering

10:00am Drivers brief

10:15am Racing starts (approx.)

Joining CGKC

The first thing you need to do is download a membership application form. Fill it out and bring it along to the next meeting. Give it to us at the sign in table and we will sign you up.

Your membership fees will be payable at the time of joining although membership won’t be confirmed until the next meeting of the Committee (as per the membership form)

Familiarize yourself with the CGKC Rules

If you already have a kart you might like to get it scrutineered before the meeting to make sure it’s legal. Go to the CGKC rules page for the most up to date version to inform yourself then contact our Head Scutineer who will arrange this for you. Contact us to arrange this.

Familiarize Yourself with the Code of Conduct

Download a copy of the Code of Conduct. This will guide you as to how we expect all our Club Members to behave – on and off the track.

Sign the Indemnity Waiver

Before you can be let on the track you are required to sign the Indemnity Waiver. Read the Rules and the Code of Conduct, because by signing on the dotted line means that you agree to abide by these.